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PEMF_Lab.jpgWhy Choose PEMF8000™?

We have ventured and achieved to discover, create and produce the most advanced magnetic energy system in the market today. After many years of testing and detailed research, Lemuria has generated a superior and affordable Electro Magnetic Therapy device that is now ready for the world markets. We pride ourselves in quality, detail and affordability! Our goal is to provide our customers, clients and world-wide health providers with our advanced PEMFdevice and assist the world to heal.  

Our Company is relentlessly innovated and scientifically creative! We manufacture, and maintain research discoveries with alternative health technology and state-of-the-art distinctive merchandise. Our products provide immediate solutions to the multi-billion dollar health and wellness markets, and offer profound solutions to discouraging situations. Currently offering devices for pain relief, micro-current stimulation, lucid dream induction and more to come! 


PEMF_Unit.jpg Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMFT), also called pulsed magnetic therapy, pulse magneto therapy, or PEMF, is a reparative technique most commonly used in the field of orthopedics for the treatment of non-union fractures, failed fusions, congenital and depression. In the case of bone Healing PEMF uses electrical energy to direct a series of magnetic pulses through injured tissue whereby each magnetic pulse induces a tiny electrical signal that stimulates cellular repair. Many studies have also demonstrated the effectiveness of PEMF in healing soft-tissue wounds; suppressing inflammatory responses at the cell membrane level to alleviate pain, and increasing range of motion. The value of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has been shown to cover a wide range of conditions, with well documented trials carried out by hospitals, rheumatologists and physiotherapists.

  Join our celebration with the introduction of our New Innovative Sophisticated PEMF8000™! Clinical quality, High Powered Electromagnetic Therapy!

What Sets Us Apart From the Competition?


·         New Advance in PEMF State Of The Art Technology,

·         Stronger at 2400 to 21000 Gauss per pulse!

·         Faster Pain Relief

·         Much Less Expensive

·         Clinical Quality for Use at Home

·         Military Tough Portable Case

·         Customer Service That Cares

·         American Made in USA

Technical Specifications:

·         Input: 120-240 Volts AC 3.5 Amps 50/60 Hz cycles

·         Frequency: up to 200 Pulse a Minute

·         Intensity of Magnetic Field: 2400 to 21000 Gauss per Pulse

·         Pulse Speed 100 Nano Seconds

·         Timer: 0 – 30 Minutes


Detailed PEMF Benefits

Increased Circulation

One of the most basic functions magnetic fields have in the body is to increase circulation. When a cell (such as a red blood cell) is injured or ill, it does not hold its ideal charge. This causes red cells to “stick” together, making circulation slow. When a magnetic field passes through the red cell, the membrane becomes properly charged, allowing the cell to repel itself and keep itself separate from other red cells, thereby increasing circulation. In addition, PEMFs increase various chemicals in the blood vessel walls that cause the blood vessels to dilate, improving the amount of blood flowing through the vessels and therefore increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to the tissues.

Poor circulation makes tissues unhealthy and prone to disease and breakdown. Improved circulation helps tissues get the nutrition and oxygen they need, while expelling the waste they produce. Good circulation helps with tissue healing and regeneration. The result of improved circulation is the reduction of swelling and the removal of bruising.

Enhanced Muscle Function

Muscle energy, needed for muscles to work, is developed through a process called Myosin Phosphorylation. Myosin is muscle, and phosphorylation is energy (ATP) production. Optimal energy allows muscles to work harder and longer, and recover more quickly from their work. Muscles that are contracted or in spasm are better able to relax, decreasing tension and reducing the pain caused by spasm.

Decreased Inflammation

Inflammation is a cascade of physiologic processes initiated by the body to repair cellular damage in tissues by increasing the blood flow to the damaged area and increasing the number of good inflammatory cells. The process of inflammation is generated and supported by the interaction of a number of immune cell types, with other cell types (like T cells) playing a regulatory role in the cascade effect. Inflammation is a necessary and beneficial process, but it often persists longer than necessary, resulting in chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is frequently a cause of chronic pain. PEMFs have been found to reduce chronic, damaging inflammation.  Inflammation can be initiated by many causes, and knowing the nature of the cause is important in designing therapeutic approaches.

T cells are a major regulator of the inflammatory cascade. In bacterial infections, early infiltration of the affected tissues by white blood cells is followed by the arrival of T cells, which kill bacteria. In this circumstance, eliminating of T cells can delay or stop healing. Conversely, in trauma-induced injury, T cells are less important to the healing process, and may be harmful if present for too long. In this case, elimination of T cells can minimize the unwanted effects of inflammation, accelerate healing, and reduce the risk of chronic inflammatory diseases. In chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, or tendinitis, T cells support the persistence of the disease state, and removing them would be favorable.

Research shows us that PEMFs can induce the appropriate death of aged, chronic T lymphocytes, by actions on T cell membranes and key enzymes in cells. For example, PEMFs affect ion flow through specific cell membrane channels (like those for sodium, potassium, and calcium), which positively affect these enzymes.

Stress Reduction

Stress is part of being human. Normal stress, called eustress, is necessary for survival. Too much stress is very harmful to the body, and accelerates aging. Stress is responsible for at least 65% of our illnesses, so stress reduction is necessary for all of us. Stress-reducing activities performed only now and then will allow too much stress-related damage to accumulate over time. Therefore, stress reduction must be a daily activity. Magnetic fields have many stress-reducing effects. Daily use of PEMFs help to wash away the negative effect natural stresses have on our bodies.

Bone Healing

Magnetic fields pass through the body – even the bones – as if the body wasn’t even there. PEMFs work to repair bones, whether they are damaged by surgery, injury, or disease, and have been found to improve bone regeneration such as occurs with osteoporosis and osteopenia, among other bone destroying conditions.

Blood Oxygenation

Just as a fire cannot burn without oxygen, our cells cannot produce heat and energy without oxygen. Our lungs extract oxygen from the air we breathe. It passes into our blood and is carried by arteries away from the heart and delivered to the rest of the body, including all the organs. PEMFs help with the process of extracting oxygen out of the air we breathe and help it to be transported into the circulation. The absorbed oxygen is then transported through the body to all the cells, where it is absorbed into the individual cells. In the cells, enzymes and other basic cell energy production processes use the oxygen for cell metabolism, the energy necessary to function properly. The metabolism of an organism determines which substances it will find nutritious and which it will find harmful. Proper blood-oxygen levels at the cell level (not just in the blood) allow this process to continue quickly and efficiently. After the oxygen exchange takes place, veins carry deoxygenated blood and metabolic waste products away from those same cells and back to the heart for recycling again.

Who Benefits from PEMF Therapy?

In today’s world, we live in a very toxic environment. In fact, it is said we eat/breathe/drink 82,000 toxins. These toxins have a harmful effect of altering our body’s DNA and the internal environment in which our cells live and multiply. By altering that environment, many people suffer from early effects of aging and cell death. The result is chronic health conditions.

PEMF stimulates autophagy, a process of removing those sick and dying cells. Therefore, it can be said that really, all of us on the planet will benefit from PEMF. Who will notice the effects of PEMF the most? Well, of course, the people who have the most illness.

We cannot say cure/treat when we talk about PEMF. PEMF merely improves the quality of life and has been shown in many research projects at major universities to help people with strokes/Parkinson’s/chronic pain/degenerative health conditions/broken bones that won’t heal/depression  and non healing open wounds.

Benefits also include:

  • Reducing muscle tension
  • Improving tissue healing
  • Reducing pain
  • Increasing energy
  • Improving clotting factors
  • Slowing the development of arthritis
  • Stimulating the immune system
  • Helping the body to detoxify
  • Improving the uptake of nutrients
  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Helping nerve function
  • Helping liver function
  • Balancing the acupuncture meridians
  • Improving sleep
  • Making soft tissue more flexible
  • Reducing arthritic changes

Why is it we have not heard of this before?

Dr Oz is considered to be a leader in bringing new medical information to the general public and his viewing audience. In late 2011, Dr Oz dedicated a show just on PEMF therapy. He called it the medicine of the future and stated that it does not just make a person feel better; it makes them better because it stimulates proper healing.

PEMF therapy has been used in Europe for over 40 yrs. 4000 studies indicate that it is safe and that it works. In the US, many revolutionary new treatments are not allowed until complete safety has been indicated.

See for your self here:

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